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What is Storium?

Storium turns creative writing into an online multiplayer game. Using familiar concepts inspired by tabletop, card, and video games, it uses the power of play to help writers of all ages and skill-levels unlock their creativity by telling stories together, collaboratively.

Storium is Web-based, works on computers, tablets, and smartphones, and is free to play. Paid members get unlimited access to all Storium features and also help support our efforts to make the game even better. To date, Storium players have collectively written over 98 million words.


At Storium, our goal is to help people express themselves creatively and grow their confidence as writers. We believe that storytelling is the universal human creative ability, and that telling stories makes the world a better and more empathetic place.

Our Kickstarter

In May of 2014 we completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the public launch of Storium. The response was remarkable: we reached our initial funding goal in the first 24 hours and ultimately raised ten times the amount we had hoped for, with the help of nearly 6,700 backers.

Our campaign also funded content written by industry-leading game designers and award-winning novelists, including winners of the Emmy, Hugo, Campbell, Nebula, Clarke, Stoker, Phillip K. Dick and many other awards. You can find a complete list of them in our library of Kickstarter-funded worlds.

Can I talk to someone?

Sure, please email us at with any requests for interviews or further information.


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Who’s involved?

Storium is being developed by Protagonist Labs, a startup based in the San Francisco Bay area with staff located across the US. We believe that technology can help unlock human creativity, and Storium is our effort to do just that. Between us we have many years of experience spanning startups, engineering, product design, game design, writing, art direction, and more.

You can read more on our Team page.