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Out of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness

There have been… incidents.

Two sites of archaeological interest, both under the protection of the Warden’s church, have been destroyed, ransacked, the people slaughtered like animals.

Clues are few and far between. A diary entry suggests that the horrors were inflicted by a member of one of the research teams. A smashed display case speaks of a stolen artefact, something known only as “The Book of Horrors”.

Nida, the Proctor of the Arcana at the Warden’s Temple in Thorpe Merwick, thinks that the destruction at the digsites is just the beginning, though of what, she isn’t sure. She only knows it must be something terrible, a great darkness that may threaten the whole of Vidaris if it is not stopped.

Fortunately, stopping such threats is what adventurers are for…

Hosted and narrated by: Mysterious Stranger (Furare)

Completed 03/11/17. Scenes played: 11

License: Community License