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A nighttime view of a village street. The scene is eerily empty, with gates left open and debris blowing in the wind.

The Hollow

by Lauren Roy

Camden’s Hollow was the quaintest of New England towns: Victorian homes next to saltboxes, white picket fences, tree-lined streets. And, of course, the ghosts. The Hollow’s haunted history drew ghost hunters of all stripes - from casual tourists looking for a good scare, to die-hard investigators with all the latest technology, to the skeptics determined to debunk it all. The town and its inhabitants made reasonable money from the tourism industry.

One month ago, the citizens of Camden’s Hollow vanished. The once-bustling community is now, literally, a ghost town. No one knows where the people went. Official investigations have turned up no helpful evidence. Now it’s the hunters’ turn. Seek out the ghosts. Search for the missing. Dig up the secrets buried in Camden’s Hollow.

Created by: Lauren Roy (falconesse)

World type: Open

image source: ShenFei Chan