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Three tired and battered adventurers stand on a hill at dusk, looking out towards the distant, twinkling lights of a great city — their destination.

The Heroes Return

by Steven Long

A decade ago, the Shadow Lord — a fearsome sorcerer of vast, evil power, like unto a fallen god — arose in the distant land of Akkaria. Confronted with an enemy they could not defeat alone, the Akkarians appealed to High King Ulvander of Veltaria for help. Recognizing the threat the Shadow Lord posed to all the world, Ulvander led the kings, nobles, wizards, and soldiers of Veltaria to Akkaria to fight on behalf of all the free peoples of the world.

The war was long and bitter, and at times it seemed as if mere mortals could never defeat the Shadow Lord. But at last, after ten years of fighting, the forces of light and honor prevailed. In the final battle, their leaders confronted the Shadow Lord himself and slew him — but in this duel High King Ulvander also fell.

Bearing with them the gold and ruby crown that symbolizes the High Kingship, the Veltarian survivors have returned to their native land — only to discover that much has changed at home, and not for the better. Regents have usurped thrones, barbarian tribes have gone unchecked, greedy merchants have wormed their way into the nobility, a powerful necromancer has established a macabre rule over one of the Veltarian realms — and the heir to the High Kingship may not necessarily be fit to wield the power which is his birthright.

The returning heroes now have to decide what course they’ll take. Perhaps they must fight again — though not necessarily with arms or spells — to win themselves a place in this familiar yet strange land.

Created by: Steven Long (stevenslong)

World type: Open

image source: Meagan Trott