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A bustling, seedy spaceport, lit by neon signs and the exhaust of cargo ships, shimmers beneath a geodesic dome.

State Liminal

by Fran Wilde

A small moon with no major resources of its own, Lim has still become waystation and a home of last resort for those who seek escape from a system war that has ground on for over a hundred years. The moon has little to recommend it save its transition port, where those with enough money or favor hope to find transport to a more peaceful solar system.

Besides the port, Lim’s major source of activity is bootlegging and privateering, for here system traders can get items no longer available anywhere else.

There are secrets here. There are betrayals. But there is hope as well. Among the transitory residents of Lim hide three young people who could change the outcome of the system war, bringing peace – or complete destruction – to three age-old cultures. The refugees are in hiding, not only from their own increasingly dangerous military governments, but also from the port authorities on Lim.

All these and more will converge on Lim, and change the system, for better or worse in State Liminal.

Created by: Fran Wilde (YTruly)

World type: Open

image source: Alex Innocenti