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A large, unusually hairy figure, dressed in a jeans and a flannel shirt, pedals a bicycle down the empty streets of a rainy town. A billboard reads, "Keep Squatchtown Weird."


by Richard Dansky

Down these mean streets must go a man who might not be a man, because Bigfoot has moved out of the forests and into the big city. It’s a brave new world with lots of rough edges where human and sasquatch collide, and the rules of coexistence are still being written. Trust your gut but nobody else, because everyone’s on the hustle - human and otherwise - and the streets of Squatchtown are only as safe as you can make them. This story features street-smart survivors in a world of wiseguys, half-human private eyes, eight foot tall femmes fatale, and blurred lines over who exactly gets to get called human.

Created by: Richard Dansky (rdansky)

Based on The Big Feet, by Richard Dansky & J.C. Hay

World type: Open

image source: Meagan Trott