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A man and a woman, weapons drawn, run stealthily through a spaceship dock.


by Karin Lowachee

The Cores War raged for ten years. It engulfed twelve colonial Core regions of deep space until it came to a tenuous end - where some Cores are ruled by militaristic regimes, others by dictatorships or organized crime, and still others by shaky presidencies. Some veterans of the Cores War make their post-war living as vessel extractors, known with derision among the Cores as scrapjacks. Scrapjacks skate the line between piracy and legitimacy among unstable colonies rife with underhanded business practices and corrupt government officials. Trying to repossess illegally seized freighters or decommissioned military ships can prove dangerous, but scrapjacks are well-entrenched in the seedy underside of colonial life, willing to use questionable tactics for the greater good of their clients. They are paid well, considered indispensable by some, and free to move about the Cores with relative anonymity. Clients go to great lengths to guard their jacks’ identities from those who fall victim to a scrapjack’s “ship liberation”… but it sometimes causes more trouble than even a few million cred can fix.

Created by: Karin Lowachee (karinlo)

World type: Open

image source: Amit Dutta