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A massive circular continent floats high in the atmosphere above a barren, lifeless planet. Every imaginable biome covers its surface, interspersed by large, futuristic cities. Waterfalls cascade over the sides and into the void below.


by Quinn Swain-Nisbet

Welcome to the wondrous land of Mezzadrate, an island continent that floats high above the inhospitable planet of Mezz. Ruled by King Josiah Liwave for over ten years, it is a scientific and mechanical wonder, able not only to float but to move. A unique mix of the natural and the artificial, it is a place where both technological and botanical wonders shape life at every turn while powerful families vie for political control. What life will you make for yourself on Mezzadrate, and what secrets will you uncover?

Created by: Quinn Swain-Nisbet (someinheritthewealth)

Adapted by Jocelyn Koehler and Amanda Valentine

World type: Open

image source: Diego Rodriguez