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Outside a jazz club, a well-dressed couple leans against a Studebaker, the man casually brandishing something that is half tommy gun, half ray gun.

Gotham Jazz

by Elizabeth Bear

It’s the height of the Jazz Age. The height of Prohibition. The Right Honorable Order of Thaumaturges reigns with weird technology over an America gone strange, where masonry-domed city-states hunker amid poisoned wastelands and munitions factories. Where handsome women and beautiful men swill bootleg liquor in smoky speakeasies. Where strange vehicles lurch through the streets, creators toil in basements over diabolical inventions, and the skies are full of all manner of bizarre and wonderful flying machines.

On the fabled Island of Manhattan, in the besieged city of Gotham, a corrupt bureaucracy rules over scandalous poets, secretive scientists, and a few ethical women and men…

Created by: Elizabeth Bear (matociquala)

World type: Open

image source: Dan Zollinger