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Legions of superheroes and supervillians fly towards each other, an epic battle in the making.

Emerald City Adventures

by Green Ronin Publishing

WELCOME TO EMERALD CITY, Storm City, the City of Destiny, City on the Red and White Rivers, City of the Three Hills… a city in flux. Emerald City is a thriving Pacific Northwest metropolis, a port city known as a home to hardy pioneers for well over a century and a half.

The people of E.C. need their pioneer spirit, too, since the city has also become the focus of world-changing events. One, known as the Silver Storm, has created a large influx of new superhumans in the city virtually overnight. Emerald City has gone from being a city curiously lacking modern superheroes in a world filled with them to being one of the newest hotspots of costumed heroism and villainy.

Emerald City exists in the vast superhero universe of Earth Prime. Also home to its East Coast cousin, Freedom City, Earth Prime is a dynamic world of heroes, villains, invading aliens, strange mystical monsters, and everything one has come to expect from modern superhero action.

Created by: Green Ronin Publishing (greenronin)

Written by Jack Norris with additional material by Steve Kenson and Green Ronin Publishing. Based on the World of Earth Prime and Emerald City, the setting for Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds RPG.

World type: Open

image source: Green Ronin Publishing