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A woman whispers to a mysterious hooded figure with a cat-like face. Next to them, the view through an open door reveals a gigantic crescent moon over quiet shores.


by Jocelyn Koehler

Diremoon is post-apocalyptic fantasy. This world is dominated by a single, massive moon that affects every aspect of life. Its pull creates strong tides, powerful storms, and unpredictable earthquakes. Its light obscures stars and illuminates the nighttime sky - full darkness occurs only during the new moon, a dangerous time indeed. The moon’s power yields more mysterious forces as well, from the magic users who work spells by its light, to the strange moonfolk who can change their shape at will.

Things are not going well in the world at the moment. The last great Empire has just fallen due to a devastating plague known as the Silver Sickness, carried by the moonfolk who were brought to the Empire as slaves. Survival is the only goal for most who remain, and information is the ultimate currency. But some have greater plans. Find lost knowledge. Build a new kingdom. Bend the moon to your whims. For the bold, this is a world of opportunity…

Created by: Jocelyn Koehler (jocelynk414)

Written by Jocelyn Koehler and Nicholas K Tulach

World type: Open

image source: Diego Rodriguez