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Against the backdrop of a coastside settlement, a woman cuts through underbrush with her machete, revealing an ancient statue.

A Far Shore

by Sage LaTorra

Even with magic prognostication and its revelations, it was simple human mistakes that discovered the New World. A trader, blown off course and hopelessly lost, stumbled upon the untouched shores of a previously unknown continent. When they returned home, the news sent a jolt through the lax nobility and calcified Church. Now these ancient houses stir themselves to lay claim to these lands before the rising masses of merchants and laborers can.

The New World itself is more than just an unclaimed expanse. The first early inland expeditions found magical artifacts much like those few ancient powers preserved in the most powerful noble houses. They suggest that maybe our ancestors once lived here too, but there is no sign of them now. There are multitudes of strange beasts, but no person has yet been found.

All the better for the expansive goals of the old powers. Without prior occupants, every stretch of land is an opportunity for those with the means to take it. Who will rise in this new expanse? And what will they make of it?

Created by: Sage LaTorra (Sage)

World type: Open

image source: Storn Cook