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A woman looks out from inside an egg-shaped, tube-covered pod, her hand pressed against the glass.

7th Son: Carbon

by J.C. Hutchins

Human cloning isn’t near - it’s already here. And it’s being used by an ultra-secret paramilitary division called CARBON to eliminate threats against the United States and its allies. You’re a member of this team. You’re here to save the free world. (No pressure.)

7th Son: CARBON is Mission Impossible meets Orphan Black. Armed with a high-tech arsenal and teams of human clones (who communicate and collaborate more efficiently than any conventional team ever could), CARBON represents the fully-realized vision of a clandestine science experiment launched decades ago: Project 7th Son. In fact, people associated with that project - including some of its original seven test subjects and their children - now work for CARBON as advisors and field operatives.

CARBON’s enemies are powerful. They have no nation, no conscience, and lurk in the darkest corners of the world - both real and virtual. They have access to astonishing technologies, including “M3ME,” a nanoscopic mind-virus that temporarily overpowers a person’s psyche with another.

To win this ongoing war, CARBON recruits smart, resourceful people - whom they call “Alpha” donors - from far-flung backgrounds and disciplines. Their full-life memories are recorded. DNA samples are acquired. Clones are grown from this material, and the donor’s memories are downloaded into their blank brains.

You’re one of these CARBON clones. Or perhaps you’re a non-clone CARBON operative. Or perhaps you’re an enemy, infiltrating the group, hiding in plain sight. The choice is yours - and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Tread carefully in this brave new world. It’s always hard to tell who your friends are, or what lurks behind their eyes. Especially when you share the same face…

Created by: J.C. Hutchins (jchutchins)

World type: Open

image source: Mirco Paganessi