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A collage showing several scenes: a tall-masted ship sailing through fog, people carrying good on their heads as they wade through dark waters, and a town's light shimmering on a shore under sparkling aurora skies.

7th Sea: Trouble in Avalon

by John Wick Presents

In the swashbuckling world of 7th Sea, trouble is brewing in Avalon. How will you find the truth and save the day among glittering illusions and bubbling tensions?

7th Sea is a popular tabletop game that emphasizes high adventure in a magical world based on the 17th century. Pirates, sorcerers, grand balls, courtly intrigue, rough chases over moonlit fields – these are the world of 7th Sea. Avalon is a nation of three different people united – not all happily – under Queen Elaine. Besides this internal tension, foreign nations and the inscrutable Sidhe have their own demands.

You are competent heroes in a fairy tale nation on the brink. Is it better to help Avalon step back from the ledge or to hurl themselves over it?

Created by: John Wick Presents (johnwickpresents)

Written by Tara Zuber

Based on 7th Sea © and ™ 2016 John Wick Presents

World type: Open

image source: John Wick Presents